Trigger Point Therapy

TPTrigger Point (TP) therapy is a technique that finds and releases a tight muscle knot in a muscle fiber that “triggers,’ (or refers) pain to another area of the body. Often TPs in the low back may cause pain in the gluteal region, hip, or leg, whereas TPs in the upper back or neck can cause headaches or shoulder pain. TPs are different than a muscle knot, which only hurts in the location of the knot, and which can be released by “rubbing the owie”. Often a client will say they can feel the pain in another region when pressure is applied. TPs manifest in specific mapped patterns within muscles and may feel like a grain of rice. Often the client can let you know where it feels most tender. A therapist then uses sustained pressure and release techniques to free the trigger while encouraging the client in deep breathing exercises. Trigger Point therapy can be incorporated into any Swedish, Sports, or Deep Tissue session.



30 Minute Massage

60 Minute Massage

90 Minute Massage