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Reiki meaning:

REI – spiritual, sacred,                    KI – universal energy, chi

Benefits: Healing on emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

Reiki is not a religion.

It is a healing, spiritual practice that helps promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. Reiki focuses the sacred energy of the universe through intent of the practitioner and the client, and directs it through the practitioner’s hands. It generally promotes a deep feeling of relaxation; other feelings, thoughts, emotions, or insights that manifest are unique to each individual.

Reiki sessions are performed in a similar atmosphere as massage; lying (fully clothed) on a warm massage table with a cozy blanket, a quiet room with soothing, music and aromas. We will discuss your reason for being here, (in as much or little detail as you care to provide,) so I can align my intentions with yours. Reiki energy is called “intelligent” energy, because the energetic frequency goes where it is most needed for your highest good. We will spend an hour placing my hands on or over points of your body to help focus the energy throughout your physical and energetic body, on both the front and back of the body.

I am willing to share and discuss any thoughts or feelings that come to me during our session. Many practices are compatible with Reiki; meditation, chakra balancing, grounding, crystals, Law of Attraction, moon rituals, and prayer circles.

60 Minute Reiki

90 Minute Massage/Reiki Combo