Welcome to the Tranquil Table

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Although I offer several styles of massage, no one massage is ever “only” one style. My massages have been called “integrative” by many of my clients, and I believe it is an appropriate term. Each session is unique; geared to the wants of the client and the needs of the body. A typical session begins with Swedish massage to warm and prepare the muscle tissue, and to begin the mental and physical relaxation process of the client. Then, if the client requests, slower, deeper pressure can be used to access additional layers of muscle. Some types of pain may be caused by trigger points referred from another area, so focusing on releasing those trigger point can bring added relief. If palpation finds the connective tissue is rigid and unyielding, massage cupping will help break adhesions within the fascia and muscle fibers, and bring much needed blood flow to those oxygen-deprived areas.


I think it is very important to have open communication before, during, and after a session. That will help me assess any activities or processes that may have contributed to an injury or area of stress. While I may be trained in various techniques, YOU are the one who will help direct me to an exact tender point or let me know what seems to help relieve the pain for you. I also like to check in after a session to assure that the treatment relaxed you, did not leave you too sore, that you slept better, or had better range of motion…. depending on the result we were working toward together.

So welcome, and thanks for allowing me to help you.

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