I began the journey into a more holistic health viewpoint in 1990 after a series of stress related health issues. I owned a small food service and catering business, but suffered from migraines and acute muscle spasms in my neck that made it difficult to perform my very physical work. One day I looked at the counter, really noticed the several bottles of prescription medicines I had accumulated, and realized I was too young to need muscle relaxants and painkillers to control chronic muscle tension and muscle spasms. If I already needed these in my 20s, what would I need when I was older? This began my journey into herbal medicine, acupuncture, meditation, martial arts energy theories, and massage…. and I have never looked back!

I was initially trained at Oregon School of Massage in Portland, Oregon. I went to school part-time at night, while working two jobs during the day. Only my determination to pursue my goal allowed me to work 7 days and 70 hours a week, and still study for school. I graduated in 2001 and was licensed in both Oregon and Washington. Then the REAL training began, with life experiences as my teacher!

I thoroughly believe in being as accountable as possible for your own health. I have a degree in Health Care Administration, but I choose to continue studying holistic systems that complement massage.

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